Life Is Complicated

“Life is sometimes complicated.” Khaitom, my cat told me. I was surprised by his words. I usually hear this phrase from the Hollywood movies. I never thought before that any cat has this idea.

“How?” I asked.

“It’s very complicated.” Khaitom said the same words. “I have
enough food for my life, you give me much foods so I have no need to hunt
animals for my food but I love to hunt mice, birds and lizards because I feel happy when I do that. I try to quit but I can’t.”

“Oh, poor cat. My beautiful mind son. It’s your basic instinct, boy.” I said, “It’s animal instinct and human’s instinct, too.

“Human?.” Khaitom said and gazed at me.

“Yes. Both human and animal are predators. They hunt to eat but they’re different, human  is more dangerous  hunter than animal is”

“Are you a dangerous hunter?”

“I think I’m a dangerous hunter because I don’t know what  I want.  I’m not really know what I want from hunting, happiness or something else. Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m so sad. Life is really complicated”

“Yes, I agree with You. Life is complicated.” Khaitom looked at me for seconds and walked away.

“Where are you going?”

“I heard the mouse’s voice. I’m going to find it. I want to talk to mouse.”

“Oh, poor cat. Good luck, boy. Don’t hurt the mouse. Keep trying to stop hunting.”

Khaitom did not say anything. He was heading to the small orchard nearby house to find the mouse while I whispered to myself. “Try to stop hunting.”



Image : Khaitom, my cat.




About Kosol Anusim

Thai Editor, Columnist and writer : Novels, Short Stories, Poems, Flash Fictions. Living in Bangkok Thailand.
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