The Difference

They are friends, a beautiful girl and a good looking young man, university students. I guess they are bookworms because they usually have reading  in library at anytime I see them.

One day afternoon, I accidentally overheard they were talking about books when I was looking for a book I wanted to read. They had a conversation at the other side of bookshelf.

“What is different between fiction and non-fiction?” The girl asked.

“You know. I know that you know what the difference is.” The young man replied.

“I think I know but I need to know your idea.”

“Ummmm!!!!” The young man said. “OK. I’ll try. Fiction is ‘LIKE’ button on facebook and non-fiction is ‘LOVE’.”

“WOW! It’s a cool idea. I love it!”

“And now, well, I have another cool idea to tell you. Would you like to listen to?”

“Yes. Exactly I want to. What is it, the cool idea?”

“I have my own non-fiction, true non-fiction. I’m going to give it to you. Would you like to get it?”

The girl did not say anything. It seemed she was smiling and she got a shyness, the young man’s words brought blush of sham to her cheeks, I guessed.

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